Sunday, April 22, 2012

Boracay Skyathon 2012

Distance: 10K
Time: 1 hour and 8 minutes
Date: April 21, 2012
Pace: 6:48 minutes per kilometer
Boracay Skyathon 2012 
I've always wondered how it would feel to run in the fine white sands of the beach.  Since Boracay was too much of a party place, I never had enough energy or initiative to wake up early and run by the beach.  For all what the island has to offer, I was able to do island hopping, snorkling, All Terrain Vehicle ride, banana boat ride and even thrown off a cliff via a Zorb ball but never a run.  So this was what Boracay Skyathon meant to me, a chance to tick off one of my to do list in Boracay.  I was lucky enough to be assigned by Total Fitness magazine to attend and take part of the Sky Cable sponsored beach run.  Skyathon was a vacation and a run rolled into and it was held in one of the best places to be in summertime, Boracay.  This is gonna be another legend-wait for it-dary run adventure.
Sky Cable
Sky Cable had us pampered the whole event from our pre-flight reminders for our SEAIR flight, to our hotel accommodation at the TIDES, meals and of course, our race kits.  My flight was a day before the run together with other sponsors, partners and some celebrities.  We were welcomed with a generous loot bag from event sponsors.  There was a pre-event Sounds of Sundown cocktail which also offered free henna tattoo, massage and claiming of race kits.  Until this point, I was torn on whether to go barefoot or run with shoes but eventually decided on wearing shoes upon seeing that there are some rocky areas in station 1.
Race Route

While the race route was simple which had runners starting at the beachfront in Epic near D'Mall and the runners running 1 and a half kilometer near the tip of station 1 for the first u-turn slot.  The runners would then run back to the start area for the 3K mark and go for another 1 kilometer towards station 3 for the 4K mark and the second u-turn and then the course heads back to start area where 5K runners can proceed to the finish line, the 10K runners will do another loop and the relay participants will switch runners for the second loop.  The elevation of the course is the tricky part as you can go on different elevations in the course depending if you're running in the shoreline which is lower or in the beach area which is higher.   Running on uneven terrains and elevation is also what makes this run challenging.  Then there's the fine white sands makes it harder to accelerate as the stronger you push on the ground, the deeper your feet gets into the sands.
The Run
There was a pre-race briefing conducted by the finish line, the organizer for the run wherein the race course was discussed.  Since there were just around 300 runners, all categories had the same gun start at 6 AM.  This was more of a race to train pace for me since I'm just starting my buildup for next month's duathlon but of course, I do want a decent finish.
Km 1-3
At gun start, I tried going for a strong start but the uneven terrain was punishing on the legs but was able to start at below 6 minutes per kilometer pace before switching strategies to take it at a steady and consistent pace of around 6:30-6:40 minutes per kilometer pace.  You do exert more effort in navigating the fine white sands as each stride you need to add more power as you get stuck at some points in the white sands.  The good part about this area is that the shoreline is bigger which gives you more space on more solid grounds.
Km 4-5
I'm calling this area as the killer 'sands' as the shoreline is a bit shorter and you have to take a significant portion of the run on the soft and fine white sands.  The stronger you push, the deeper your feet gets into the sands.  I struggled at over 7 minutes per kilometer on this part as there were some stretches that it would be faster to walk than to get buried running just like how a quick sands eats you faster when you keep moving.  This is the part that you wished that you were just went barefoot instead.
Km 6-8
2nd loop and I really wanted to catch up on this part as I knew that I need to save time here since it won't be fast once I get back at the killer sands.  Back to my sub-7 minute pace and having my second wind, I felt refreshed just seeing the beach in your background and passing by the scenic Willie's Rock before the U-turn.   After a struggle in the killer sands are, this felt like a breeze.
Kilometer 9-10
Now back to the killer sands and at this point most of the runners have opted to remove their shoes and just go barefoot but I just went on wearing shoes even at times I have to run on water as at this time even the shoreline was getting thinner and sands in the shoreline a lot softer.  I went back at a slower pace above seven minute per kilometer pace but managed to build some steam to finish strong in the last 500 meters.  40th in the 10K Men Category and 45th overall in the 10K category.
Finishing with a Rainbow

As an additional incentives, I get to finish with a rainbow at the finish line.  One of the perks of a beach run.  That says why it's more fun to run in the beach.  If a rainbow does not seem enough for you, the loot bag is probably one of the most generous loot bag Ive ever seen with a finisher shirt and slippers from boardwalk and products from belo, salompas and other event sponsors.
As soon as I crossed the finished line, it meant that the vacation leg was on full swing.  Beach front massage, chill walk at the island, Jonah's milk shake, dip in the pool and in the blue waters, Merly's Barbeque and of course, sun set watching.  It's always a priceless portraits once the ocean, the Paraw sails and the swimmers meet the setting sun.  It's one of the things to look forward to in Boracay.
Gold Rush
And just to make sure Skyathon end's with a bang, there was an after party at the Juice bar called Gold Rush promoting Sky Cable Gold's packages.  It had fire dancers, drinks from the Bar and Emperador light and lots of games with great prices.  It was definitely a fun night even as the program proper was over people stayed on to party until the wee hours of the morning.  That definitely spells a successfull event with a capital S-U-C-C-E-S-S.
And then to say my thanks
It was great meeting new people and friends I met in this events.  Thanks to Sky Cable, event hosts and sponsors for pampering me the past three days.  It was a pleasure running the Skyathon.  Of course, I'm eternally grateful for Total Fitness magazine and Team Total Fitness for all the support.  I'm completely overwheled and jumping for joy.
And just in case you'd want to see more pics.  Here's a link to my FB page. (click here)
Team Total Fitness Running
This is my last race for season 1 and in a few days it's gonna be whole new season...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Outbreak Manila

Distance: 5K
Time: 1 hour and 4 minutes
Date: April 14, 2012
Pace: 12:48 minutes per kilometer

Outbreak Manila

Zombies has just entered Manila and their undead ways has somehow brought them to Nuvali and so was 5,000 other runners who'd attempt to get past a killer (I mean this literally) 5K distance.  Outbreak Manila just came at a time when runners where looking for new concepts and new challenge to overcome.  It was great that Outbreak Manila had Total Fitness as a media partner so I was able to join this run.  The concept was simple three lifelines and finish with at least one to stay alive but we all now Zombies won't make this an easy one.

Race Route

Part of the mystery that came with this run was the race route was never disclosed to leave a lot of room for surprises.  I did expected that the race course were on flat roads so it did came as a surprise that after a few hundred meters, we took a right turn to the trail part of Nuvali.  Dodging zombies on narrow trails has reduced the chance of survival.  The first two kilometers had the runners going through the trail with series of zombies to overcome and an obstacle where you have to crawl and go over some gartered room. At the second kilometer, you get to choose the easy way or the horde way which would then intersect at around the 3rd kilometer and goes on until midway to the last kilometer where you end up going through a maze.  The last 500 meters is the dash to the finish with Zombies lurking.

The Race

I was part of wave 3 which meant that we're among the first zombie baits in more than 20 wave of runners.  I went at it a fast past thinking that the course would be on road and figured out that I'll just try to out sprint zombies but at the 300 meter mark we headed towards the trail route with a dozen zombies in tow.  It then became a game of strategies.

Strength in Numbers

We started the trail with our wave working as a group wherein we'll try to confuse zombies by running in different directions.  It did feel good when you get past dozens of zombies with flags intact.  At the first kilometer we had to crawl under wires to get a new life.  After this was another stretch of about a dozen of zombies on narrow trails.  I ended up running on grassy part and had some scratches and it was also in this wave the I lost my two flags (taken by one zombie) since it was closely attached together.  Rules had it that a zombie can only take one flag though it would be funny though if a zombie would approach you to return your flag.  Goodbye two flags, 2 to go.

Parting Ways

At the second kilometer, you get to choose the easy or the horde way.  The easy way had more zombies but a shorter route and I ended up in a horde way which was a lot longer but with less zombies.  This is also the part I got separated from the lead pack and ended up with a smaller group of runners thus decreasing my chance of survival.  There was also a part wherein we had to pretend to be like zombies just to escape them.  I was able to preserve my flags until midway to the fourth kilometer.  It was a bit more difficult dodging zombies at this point since there were fewer runners to distract the zombies.  Ended up losing another flag at this point.  Goodbye flag, one to go.


The finish came on the fourth kilometer as I attempted to escape three successive zombies with not much runners in the pack.  Went to the left, zombie one down.  Fake to the right and then left zombie 2, down. Tried going to the extreme left for the last zombies but my last flag was gone.  At least, this was a way I would have wanted to go... going down with a gallant stand.  Infested at kilometer 4.


Losing my last flag had me relieved as you can just go past zombies without them approaching you.  Going through several scares had my heart rate bpm going through the roof.  Imagine my average heart rate is just 149 bpm but in some stretches my heart rate would go to a maximum of 194 bpm.  5K felt like forever and going through the trails felt like being in a zombie movie trying to survive an outbreak. I did went on to finish the race even without any lifeline remaining.

Team Total Fitness Survives

Surviving a zombie infestation is not an easy task as Moby and our fastest runner Rojan joined me in the list of casualties and only James was able to survive the outbreak.  Tough luck, the zombies had quick lateral movements and were still perked up and full of energy during our wave.  Next time, we'll be ready...

Need I say more...

Back to the trails

While there will still be several outbreaks to come, I ended up back to the trails as I had to take some photos as part of media (Total Fitness).  What started as just to shoot some pictures on the trail part ended in me having to go past the trails and zombie again but at this time the zombies were a lot friendlier and a bit tired.  At this time, the heat was already overwhelming as both zombies and runners had the heat to deal with.

I guess the answer to the question on how to survive a zombie outbreak is let the others tire the zombies first.  Running for your life has never been this fun.  What a great first Manila Outbreak.  Congratulations to the organizers!!! Heard they are planning a midnight one, any takers?

Photos taken in the trail and while distributing dermplus. (click here) Please do follow Team Total Fitness while you're viewing the pics.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Powerade Duathlon

Distance: 6K Run, 30K Bike, 3K Run
Time: 2:22 including transition (6K Run: 37 minutes, 30K Bike: 1:17, 3K Run: 21 minutes)
Date: March 25, 2012
Pace: 6K Run: 6:10 minute per kilometer, 30K Bike: 23.5 Km/hour, 3K Run: 7 minute per kilometer
The story of me in a duathlon event has been a long story waiting to happen.  It's something I never expected nor have seen myself doing but being exposed to awesome triathlete friends, one has to wonder, "What if?".   It did took me a long while to come to this point of the story but I guess it's not how long it takes you from point A to point B but what's important is you get to enjoy the process.  I finally got my bike late December equipped with so little knowledge of handling a road bike.  I was aiming for a May 2012 duathlon debut knowing that March is my busy period but by some crazy turn of events, I ended up signing up in Powerade Duathlon as part of Team Total Fitness.  I was really more terrified than excited for this event as I've so many flaws in biking but I know that the experience in an actual duathlon event would go a long way in motivating me in this sports. So be it, let's go 6K Run, 30K Bike and 3K Run!!!
6K Run Leg

I felt jittery for this event to the extent that I had tummy troubles before the start of the race and lucky for me, there's a rest room in Army/Navy near the transition area.  So out with the jitters and on with the run.  Two loops from Commerce Ave to Corporate Woods Ave with a significant part of the run on hilly terrain.  I felt rusty at the start being away from an actual racing environment for over a month.  I was able to go at sub 6 minute per kilometer pace for the first two kilometer though slowed down a bit on the third kilometer and just maintained a steady pace for the rest of the run leg as I wanted to preserve my energy as this was still a long way to go.  I had bloopers in my first transition already as I forgot to place my watch in front of my bike and good thing I had Jeff guiding me on what to bring on the bike leg and what not to.  So 30K here we go!!!
30K Bike Leg

6 loops from Commerce Ave to Corporate Ave to Parkway Street to Filinvest Ave and the hilly part from Corporate Ave to Corporate Woods Ave to Laguna Heights to Corporate Ave again before a final u-turn at Filinvest Ave on the way to East Asia Drive per loop.  I had meager expectations for this part as just weeks ago I was barely biking 20kph at my best effort but I did step up my pace a bit after a tough hill bike ride in Tagaytay at Team Total Fitness camp two weeks ago.  Since I had my watch on my wrist instead of my bike, I had no idea on my pace until I saw my bike splits from my watch after the race.  It was anything goes, just do your best and hope to finish at a good time.  The first kilometer was more of feeling out the course and started at just 20 kph before going through the rest of the race at around 23-25 kph.
The first part of the loop was hilly until you reach Palms Country Club and would go flat after.  Every time, I passed by Palms, I felt relieved as I can rest a bit on the flat grounds.  Among the things I have yet to do was use one hands while biking so I can hydrate so I wasn't able to hydrate for the first 20K until I decided to stop for a while just to hydrate.  That's one of the flaw to work on.  Of course, the other flaw would be speed and so here begins the quest for a sub 1 hour 30 bike leg.  Long way to go but it should be something I can work on.  Finished my bike leg at 1:17 way above my meager expectation of 1:30.  As I approached transition, I felt really exhausted and almost cramping.  Thanks to big bang workouts, I know I can endure despite being wasted.  It was total disaster from transition as I entered the exit area instead the start area so had to go back to the correct start area.  While I did waste so much time, I felt relieved that only 3K stands from completing my first duathlon.
3K Run Leg

Here we go 3K before I lay claim to the title, duathlete.  By this time my calves was on the verge of cramping so just took smaller but faster and more consistent steps and was able to go at around 6:30 minutes per kilometer.  I think at this point, it was more heart and running form than energy so just went on at this rate and slowed down a bit on the uphill part and after about 21 minutes, there I was approaching the finish line with some of my team mates cheering me on.  39 kilometers complete and mission accomplished,  I finished the race!!!  Looking back, it was the best effort I could have given at this time.  Of course, there's a long way to go in duathlon but I'm just glad I'm on the right track.  I felt wasted and my heart rate was at a high but hitting the finish line was well worth it.  I'm a Duathlete.
Team Total Fitness at Powerade

Team TF with JR and Jhoan
It feel so good to be part of a team and as I'm learning the ropes in duathlon, I'm glad to have team mates who are great and passionate triathletes and not to mention having an awesome Coach who's not only a great athlete but also a very positive person.  It pays to have the right attitude and blue collar workmanship in multi sports. Going 39K was really difficult but having supportive team mates sure eases a bit of the load.  Congrats to Coach Andy for a podium finish on his age group and to the rest of the team who had a great performance for the event.  It's a great day for the team!!!
Photos taken by Team Total Fitness at Powerade Duathlon (Click here)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Condura Skyway Marathon 2012

Distance: 21K
Time: 2 hours and 19 minutes
Date: February 5, 2012
Pace: 6:37 minutes per kilometer

Skyway Marathon
Condura Skyway Marathon is a once a year chance to run in the Skyway but it is also one of the most organized and planned race by its organizers.  This year, it came up with an additional feature of being the first midnight marathon in the country and had the mangroves as its beneficiary.  There was a large buzz even before registration began as the organizers was taking the runners inputs on the shift of gun start.  Being part of half marathon category with a 3:30 am gun start, we stayed in B hotel just 2 kms away from the start area to have additional sleep.  In terms of race expectations, I really don't know what to expect as this won't only be racing against time and fatigued but you're also racing against your body clock so it's a nice challenge.  It was also nice seeing a lot of people in the run community as this one was one of the most anticipated and attended runs in the country.

Race course and elevation
This is one of the more interesting races even it just follows a straight course as it passes through several cities.  It starts in the skyway entrance in Alabang Zapote road and it take about 3 kilometers going to the first toll booth. At kilometer 4 is the Sucat Exit and around the 8 km mark is Bicutan Exit.  The 10.5 kilometer U-turn slot near the C-5 exit of the Skyway then it goes all back to Festival mall for the finish.
The Skyway Marathon is not a flat course and it starts with a slow climb from the entrance ramp until Sucat exit at 4 Km mark.  After that you get a kilometer and a half steep climb covering 40 kilometers of elevation to the highest peak of the skyway.  It then goes on some short climbs and descents until the U-turn slot at the 10.5K mark with a total descent of around 4o meters of elevation.  Going back you get to climb back to the peak of the skyway at around the 15K mark covering another 40 meters of elevation.  Next up is descents and short climbs until the 20K mark covering 50 meters of elevation and at the last kilometer, it's another 10 meter worth of elevation before you hit the finish line.

The Race
I registered early enough to form part of Wave A so was one of the first few to hit the sky way.  21 Km is such a long distance to take as a single race so I try to cut it down to shorter races based on the profile of the course to make it more manageable and exciting to run the half marathon.  I planned to test my limit and try to run faster than I normally would in a 21K distance because somehow I felt I've set some preconceived limits and this time, I wanted to test myself to go at a faster pace and lets see if I can set a new PR.

Km 1-3
This part was advertised to be the narrow part of the run equivalent to a one lane road so there was no water stops for this part.  I started fast for this one and planned to finish this part as fast as I can to avoid any clogging so was going at 6 minute per kilometer pace and planned to take a short rest on the first water stop at km 2.9 mark.

Km 3-10.5
This is a hilly course and even had a steep climb between kilometer 4 to midway of the 5th kilometer.  I settled to a 6:10-6:30 minute kilometer pace and tried to see the race as a series of 1.5 kilometer race with the water stops as the markers where I can talk short walking breaks.  The good part of being part of the first wave is that it's not yet crowded in the first half of the race and it was nice to appreciate the view from the skyway as it was well lighted and you can see yourself cross each city. It was nice going at a fast pace as I also was ignoring some minor pains in my calf muscles and some friction burn in my back.

Km 10.5 to 19
It was refreshing to go past the U-turn slot and that the race is half way done.  It was great seeing some familiar faces on the other side of the Skyway.  I was still going at around 6:30 minute per kilometer though slowed down a bit to 6:40 minute per kilometer pace at the 15 kilometer mark but this was the part that I started to be able to overtake some runners as some runners were slowing down.  I broke my 15K and 16K PRs at the 15th and 16th kilometer mark.  It was nice counting down the kilometers til you reach kilometer 21.  It was fascinating to see some fireworks a few kilometers approaching the finish line.

Km 19 to 21
The last three kilometers going down the skyway was a struggle as my calf muscles was real sore and cramping already so just went on a 7 minute per kilometer pace for the next two kilometers and was running near the railings so when my muscle cramped I am near the railing so I can stretch.  At the last kilometer, I slowed down to 8 minute per kilometer pace walking and jogging as I felt my calf muscles was about to go and it also was an uphill climb in the last kilometers.  Just a few steps towards the finish line and a new PR in store and there it goes my right calf muscles cramped and was down a few steps away before the finish line.  I had a few minutes to recover and walked myself to the finish line.  On an afterthought had I thrown my shoes with the d-tag after I fell I could have a new PR (=>) but falling a few meters short of a PR finish, this was a great race.  I tested my limits and fell a tad short but even with the recovery time, it was still near my PR so this should make me stronger.

Condura Skyway Marathon
It wass another well organized race by Condura.  Hydration stations were sufficient and the runners were properly advised on some limitations on hydration.   The Skyway was well lighted and it was a great experience starting the run with under moonlit skies in wee hours of the morning and finishing a run with the sun still not up.  It was nice to have a hard earned finisher medal overcoming muscle pain and running outside your normal comfort time.  I'm sure everybody would have jet lag (let's call it Condura lag) in the next few days.  Condura has set the bar high this time for being one of the best races of the year.  I'm sure come end of 2012, it's gonna be in my best races list again (my 2011 best races lists).
Running is more fun in the Philippines
Because running is more fun in the Philippines. I got myself a Pinoyfitness singlet at their booth in the Condura village.  It's a nice singlet featuring the Pinoyfitness colors and it says, "Running is more fun in the Philippines" at the back.   It's also affordable at P299.  Aside from being part of a team, I'm also part of a community and Thanks to Pinoyfitness as I post most of my reviews in their site to promote my blogs.  I'm also happy that the running community is growing... definitely more people are having fun running in the Philippines.
Team Total Fitness Running
It was great running with Team Total Fitness.  Moby for running with me within the first four Kilometers... Sir James with his awesome 1:42 21K time... Gryf for a  new 21K PR and Richard who also had a strong finish and Andie who's working hard to improve his time...  Team Total Fitness conquers Skyway and see you again in our Group training runs.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Subic International Marathon 2012

Distance: 21K
Time: 2 hours and 18 minutes
Date: January 22, 2012
Pace: 6:34 minutes per kilometer
It's More Fun in Subic
Subic is always a great weekend getaway and at the start of the year it becomes a stage of the Subic International Marathon. It brings in a droves of passionate runners, fit police and army personnel and even newbies who just want to enjoy a run in Subic scenery in 3K, 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Full Marathon Categories.  It was 3 times the fun for Team Total Fitness at Subic as we were able to sneak in a bike ride around Waterfront drive with a view of the Subic Sunset on Saturday and a swim at Camayan Beach Report on Sunday after the Run.
Route and Elevation Profile
The Race starts at Remy Fields Oval then you take Rizal Highway for the next two kilometers and then you turn right to Argonaut Highway for the next 6 kilometers. This stretch provides a view of Subic Bay and a climb at Subic International Airport.  The last 2 kilometers before the u-turn slot is another climb towards Corregidor Road with a view of the Forrests of Subic.  The Elevation is almost flat for the first 5 kilometers before you start a climb approaching Subic International Airport and another climb to Corregidor Road covering 50 meters of elevation on the second 5-6K approaching the u-turn slot and then it's almost downward to flat run from there to the finish line.
The Race
I came into the starting line a little low on sleep and high on training mileage as I'm in my build phase of my training but running in Subic is refreshing with the fresher winds, the scenic bayside view and the fresh forrest scenery you get to see along the road.  The level of competition is also a bit higher here as you get to test your mettle against passionate runners and fit police and army personnel.  I was able to use my head light from the energizer run for additional illumination over the dark skies of dawn. I was off to a flying start for the first three kilometers.  I then settled at 6:30 pace from then on as I want to test how long I can go at a steady and consistent pace.  I was tempted to go slower on the climb at Subic International Airport but I didn't want the training effect that a hill brings to your legs so just maintained my pace.  It was a nice view approaching the u-turn at Corregidor Road which was surrounded by tall trees with fruit bats flying around.
I always get a fresh burst of energy at the halfway u-turn slot as it is the time you start counting down the kilometers to go and the climb towards the airport is now a dowhill path.  The sun also started to be a factor as it was a hot morning but since it's countdown mode,  it just gets me more excited to reach the finish line earlier.  Struggled a bit with a bit of soreness in the calf and quads muscles going in the last 5 kilometers so just went on with a slightly slower pace towards the finish line back in the oval.  As I crossed the finish line, I have a new PR for 21k at 2:18 and it was done running at an aerobic phase.  It was a good run and having a new PR is an additional consolation.  The race was great and improved a lot from last year in terms of lighting, water supply and even had a water hose to shower runners along the way.  The 21K finisher dog tag was also a unique memorabilia for the run. Now to look forward to 2013 Edition.
Team Total Fitness
Another great run for Team Total Fitness.  Team Total Fitness was also able to take some photos during the event at the oval area towards the finish line and here are the links.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

PSE Bull Run

Distance: 10K
Time: 1 hour and 6 minutes
Date: January 8, 2012
Pace: 6:36 minutes per kilometer
Bull Run
A bull run in the stock market means a period of increasing share prices in the stock market.  It is also the time that the investors are aggressive (or bullish) and is one indicator of how our economy is performing.  Some stock markets including our own Philippine Stock Exchange holds bull runs to spur hopes of a bull period in the stock market which directly translates to good economic fundamentals and high investor confidence.  This run was a run for the economy.
The Course
The shortest distance between two points is a straight line and the shortest distance in a race course is... a straight line.  A straight course is an easier run as you tend to lose momentum when passing through curves and turns.  The 10K course was such a straight and simple course. It starts from 28th Street all the way to 26th Street and 5th Avenue to enter Kalayaan Flyover and proceeds to Buendia before taking a u-turn near Malugay and back to the 26th street using the same course except that you'll use 3rd Ave going back instead of 5th Ave.  While the elevation profile is generally flat, the climb to and from Kalayaan flyover is always a challenge to runners.
The Race
It was a hectic training week with me already logging 30 kilometers and 3 hours on bike before the start of the race so I decided to adopt a race to train approach and run at an aerobic rate.  As long I get to finish each kilometer below 7 minutes per kilometer pace I should be fine.  For the first four kilometers including the climb to Kalayaan Flyover, I was struggling with some slight muscle pain so I had to endure until I get warmed up. At the 5th Kilometer, I was already able to go at a faster pace without much pain so maintained that pace to the finish line.  It was a bit dark in Kalayaan flyover before 6 am though it was tolerable.  Hydration (Water and Energy Drink) was overflowing and the water was cold which was a good way to rehydrate.  There were also sprinklers in the course of the race to refresh the runners.  Since the organizers had limited the participants, the run didn't feel crowded and runners had space to run.  I ran the 10K race course though I did hope to run the 16K category since they had a cool finisher shirt and medal for 16K but 16K and 21K slots were as a hot as a top selling stock.  Overall, it was a good run and with it comes the hope that the economy can be as successful as the run.
Team Total Fitness Running

It was another good run for Team Total Fitness.  We (Charles, Gryf, Andie and me) all joined the 10K category.  Thanks to Chris Sports for providing our race kits.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Run for Pinoy Glory

Distance: 5K
Time: 27 Minutes and 20 Seconds
Date: January 7, 2012
Pace: 5:27 minutes per kilometer
The Cause
The race is for the benefits of the Filipino athletes who will represent the country in the 2016 Olympic in London.  Some of the athletes even took part in the event along side the Police Force and the Army.  While the run had less fanfare than the big time runs, this one was definitely a strong and challenging field.  The Run had 3K, 5K, 10K, 21K, Executive and a special category for those on wheelchair.
The Route
The route for the 5K category was simple.  It starts at high street area in 9th Ave then proceeds to the 26th Street all the was to 3rd Avenue and shifting back to 5th Avenue before taking a loop in the 32nd Avenue and Lane R before returning to 5th Avenue on the way to 30th Steret and finally, the finish line in 9th Ave.  The high street area is relatively flat and after not running here for quite some time, the changes is very noticeable with new structures rising in the Global City.
The Race
This is my first race for the year and I was only expecting to run at an easier pace since I have back to back races this weekend.  At gun start, seeing the strong field, I tried to keep in pace with the lead pack in the first kilometer but slowed down a bit as I've felt that my legs was still a bit weary from the trainings I had for the week.  I did try to run at sub 6 minutes per kilometer.  It was also inspiring to hear chants from the army and seeing them moving in unison.  I just maintained my pace until the finish line and crossing the finish line at the 27 minute mark, which was a great time for 5K. The race course was a bit short of the 5K distance but since this should be part 1 of back to back races, the shorter the course,  the better. I'm excited to take some pictures of the other distance as part of  Team Total Fitness desire to cover some races.  Overall, it was a good race. It was not too crowded, hydration was sufficient and it was a nice challenge.  What a way to start a year, a fast paced 5K run.
Nice seeing the army running in unison.
Behind the Scene
Took photos after the run which is posted in Team Total Fitness Facebook page.  When it comes to taking photos, I'm such a newbie and it did take me time to adjust the right setting to take better pictures but Team Total Fitness will try to cover some runs as much as we can.  It was fun taking pictures of runners and I'm such an active Photographer as I keep moving places while taking photos in hopes that I get to finish sooner.  Being race photographer is a real taxing job but it's fulfilling as well, every time people smile back at you and say thank you.
Team Total Fitness Running
This is Team Total Fitness first run for 2012 and first of back to back runs.  Thanks to Chris Sports for providing the race kits.  We'll be running again tomorrow and hopefully have a chance at taking photos again.